Feeling better

Cindy called and she told me all about university and it was awesome =D that was this morning and even though she woke me up... lool. Twas great. Then I went and helped my mom pick out some clothes from bealle's which was tiring! Guess not having much time to think has helped me feel like less of a loser.

I drew a picture of an ugly little boy being kissed on the cheek by a pretty little girl, turned out really cute I think.I'm not really much of an artist or anything so it isn't WOWEE but you know it was pretty good for me. He 's got this really shocked look, teeny eyes and she's bent over with her lips on his cheek. That's something I'm going to miss, lol. Kisses are great.

Maybe I should set up a local kissing booth XD loooooooooool, 5 cents a pucker. I wouldn't make any money. Unless my mom came by......... o___________x

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  1. Shopping is exhausting. Buying clothes is so hard especially with my mother (cause we often argue on what I should wear.) She should be glad I don't want to dress like a slut.

    Hm...a kissing booth? That's a new idea. I wonder how much someone would pay for my virgin lips?

    "Going at -$5,000. Sold!" Ha! I would actually loose money.

    If you feel so weird communicating through blogs (which I must admit is a bit odd) we should email or text or something.