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lool, this goes out to all the Cat_Gen's out there =D Im going to try to be all organized.
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Cat_Gen said...

church camp was interesting...very loud and bright and many people. I get anxious around crowds so it was more than a bit uncomfortable.

Thank you! I've never been called pretty by a guy before...except this one dude (but he's kind of weird so that doesn't count.) And a siggie?

Your church camp does sound interesting, sorry it was uncomfortable and stuff. And your welcome! I'm kind of weird, but I hope you count me anyway. "Siggie" = "Significant other" XD iKnow right, not very clever.
Cat_Gen said...

You definitely are not alone in the idea that depression gets worse at night. I think it just waits until your mind is at its most vulnerable and just jumps at it. That happens to me every night.

So, I got into the habit of staying up doing things until I can't stay awake any longer-that way the stress and depression doesn't even register cause I'm already a sleep.

It is good that you trust in God. Most people here just get angry and hate Him.

I like the idea of not being alone....... every night? You must have a lot on your mind to stay awake every night thinking about it. Lots of scary stuff. When I get that way at night I just stay beside my bed and pray and trust that God will settle my feelings. I talk to Him, pretty much since it's the only thing I can think to do. Sometimes I get angry, but in the end I just know that He's got a plan for me, even if I don't understand it yet. You sound like a good Christian =) I don't meet a lot of those anymore.
Cat_Gen said...

Shopping is exhausting. Buying clothes is so hard especially with my mother (cause we often argue on what I should wear.) She should be glad I don't want to dress like a slut.

Hm...a kissing booth? That's a new idea. I wonder how much someone would pay for my virgin lips?

"Going at -$5,000. Sold!" Ha! I would actually loose money.

If you feel so weird communicating through blogs (which I must admit is a bit odd) we should email or text or something.

Mothers, right? That's what's really exhausting. I get the same stuff from my mom, except..... yeah, she should be glad iDont want to dress like a slut either, I guess XD no, seriously though, lol. Tell your mom that youre old enough to dress yourself! And heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy! I'd bid on your (lol) virgin lips. I probably wouldn't win though, cause Im broke.
My email is idolizethedead@yahoo.com, it has this IM thing on it too. Talking like that would be waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy easer than trying to respond to thousands of comments and stuff. No stalking though, thats a no-no.

OMG! that was a lot of typing and responding and going through stuff, lol, If you read all of this, your super crazy! =D

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  1. Oh, and btw, like, your blog won't let me comment on your story for some reason I click the comment button and it just sits there and looks pretty.

    I like the death description at the end, its spooky! I'd say more, but this is my own blog for crying out loud...