O.k., o.k., really?

Do you ever just go through old stuff because it's old? Happens for me when I decide to clean.
Found some old pictures of Cindy and I from when we were younger, and holy shizz! What was my mom thinking when she told the hairstylist to cut my hair that short? [I looked like an emo Alfalfa, Mom. WTH?]

Mothers always say they love you no matter what. Who cares if they love what you look like if it makes YOU die a little inside? lolz.

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting to see how much I've changed. And how much Cindy has changed! She used to dress so modestly [HA! I luv u slut. She'll never read this]

O.k., o.k., back to the picture. We're sitting on the railing at Joe's, and she's in this little pink dress with her hair all in ribbons, and I'm in a little tux with a red bow tie. It was from her birthday party, when we were like, six. We look like a pair of mischievous kittens, cheeks pressed so hard you'd mistake us for Siamese twins. lool, good times. I'd die to be that close to her now. I miss her, college is too far away, bestie!

Anyway, yeah. My room still isn't clean. FML! =)

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  1. Haha, I do that all the time. Makes me miss the old days.