My girlfriend broke up with me at church camp. We were together six months. She told me it was because she wanted something different and that she had secretly been seeing someone else, and I, being the absolute mature one, told her to go to hell for being a cheating hussy.

..............pretty ironic that I told someone to go to hell at church camp, but whatever. God knows I did whatever I had to do to keep from strangling her.

I just finally quit being an emo loser, after going on word and typing, hatehatehatehatehatehate


ps: I did pray for forgiveness. There?


  1. Sounds like she's a sleezy sleeze. Can I take rocks to her head?

    I have to go to church camp tomorrow. Maybe it's a good thing I have no significant other who can dump me like that. Or not? I dunno.

    Aw! There's still love amongst the hate. If sleezy sleeze is willing to toss that aside, she is a dumbo.

  2. I hope you have funfunfun at church camp! Without your very own sleezy sleeze, you can focus more on God instead of on stupid stuff }:

    lool, I'm just kidding. I really like her still uh 'significant others', well... are awesome XD Well, when they like you as much as you like them and are faithful and stuff. I guess I wasn't right for her. She was my first girlfriend I'll get over it.

    Why don't you have a siggie? (Totally just made that up) You're really pretty =)
    Hope you read this lol, look pretty crazy talking to myself.

  3. church camp was interesting...very loud and bright and many people. I get anxious around crowds so it was more than a bit uncomfortable.

    Thank you! I've never been called pretty by a guy before...except this one dude (but he's kind of weird so that doesn't count.) And a siggie?